Introducing our exquisite Tampa Collection, where style meets coastal vibes and a sense of appreciation for life's blessings. Inspired by the vibrant energy of Tampa, this collection pays homage to the Javanese concept of "Tampa," meaning "to receive." It embodies the philosophy of accepting everything that unfolds in our journey with gratitude towards the divine.
Our Tampa collection draws inspiration from the intricate motifs found in Dutch batik designs that adorn traditional sarongs. These beautiful patterns depict graceful swans gliding amidst lush wild vegetation. Just like these motifs embellish the traditional "pawon" setting, adorning tablecloths with delicate embroidery and cross-stitch patterns or painting kitchen utensils, our Tampa collection captures the essence of timeless elegance.
Our Tampa Collection combines fresh coastal style with a sense of gratitude for life. Made with comfortable cotton fabric and adorned with stunning embroidery details, this collection offers comfort, elegance, and a unique artistic touch to each garment. With a perfect blend of beautiful motifs and craftsmanship, Tampa Collection is the perfect choice for those seeking exceptional and high-quality style.