Parang Wiar

The Parang Wiar Collection draws inspiration from the timeless Parang batik motif, with "Wiar" in Javanese meaning vast or expansive, emphasizing intentional spacing between motifs to create an open feel. Reflecting the enduring philosophy of perseverance akin to ocean waves, it symbolizes unbroken connections and the pursuit of self-improvement. Each design in the collection forms a visual symphony, showcasing resilience and an unyielding spirit. With a focus on versatility, the collection seamlessly adapts from formal occasions to casual gatherings, aligned with the campaign #berbateeqkemanasaja. Crafted from sustainable Tencel Bemberg fabric, the collection offers both style and a conscious choice, with its organic nature ensuring sustainability and a silky handfeel adding a luxurious touch to everyday fashion. Embrace the essence of Parang Wiar, where style meets philosophy.